Laser Tattoo Removal

BiEN Beauty Clinic specialise in Laser treatment for the safe and effective removal of unwanted tattoos.

When a tattoo is applied, coloured inks are injected into holes made in the skin, resulting in permanent designs, often using more than one colour of ink.

It is widely recognised that Laser Tattoo Removal is one of the most effective methods available, owing to the ability to choose different wavelengths of laser light to remove different colours of ink. The laser uses very short pulses of high powered light to break down the inks so they are absorbed and cleared in the body.

This can mean faster results, and fewer treatments being needed compared to other methods.

Successful tattoo removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser machine uses extremely short, but high powered pulses of light to break down the tattoo ink particles into small particles that can be absorbed by the body’s natural defences and dispersed.

A series of treatments is required and the tattoo will fade gradually.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required varies depending on how the tattoo was originally applied.
Amateur tattoos are generally easier to remove, and often require six treatments or less.
Professionally applied tattoos vary considerably, but may take between ten and fifteen sessions.

Does the laser treatment hurt?

The procedure causes a stinging sensation, however most people do not experience a high level of discomfort. A common analogy is the laser feels like an elastic band being snapped against the skin.
A Local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area of the tattoo if needed

Will laser treatment work with my type of Tattoo?

Professional Tattoos

Professional tattoos use high quality inks intended to last longer, and containing more vibrant colours. These are the most challangeing to remove completely. Our Aestheticians can advise further on how your Tattoo is likely to respond to laser treatment.

Amateur Tattoos

Amateur tattoos are usually composed of lower quality inks which tend to fade more rapidly than other types of tattoos. These are easier to remove than professional tattoos, with 80% of amateur tattoos clearing after four to eight treatments.

Cosmetic Tattoos

These tattoos are most common on the lips, eyelids and eyebrows, and on the breasts following surgical reconstruction. Due to the structure of the pigments used, these can be very difficult to remove and may require 15 to 20 treatments.

Traumatic tattos

This category includes marking resulting from injuries such as graphite, shapnel or gunpowder blast marks. Such pigments are usually more superficial in the derma and respond well to laser treatments.


Example Prices

1 x 1 inch
£50 per treatment – £190 course of 5 – £320 course of 12

3 x 3 inch
£80 per treatment – £310 course of 5 – £540 course of 9

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