Do you have unwanted hair? For a permanent solution ask about Electrolysis – it works!

Unwanted hair is a problem affecting most women to varying degrees throughout their lives and prompting the use of various temporary methods of hair removal. However electrolysis is still the only proven permanent method of hair removal and many women and indeed men, have benefited from this tried and trusted treatment.

Electrolysis today is gentle, more comfortable and more effective, offering an affordable modern treatment which is becoming increasingly popular.

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, progressively permanent method of removing unwanted hair. Indeed it is the only permanent method of hair removal and is therefore in great demand.

With a choice of three methods of electrolysis thechniques available: Galvanic, Diathermy and Blend there is something to suit everyone. Treatment will be tailormade to suit you.

How does Electrolysis Work?

A tiny probe (about the same size as an eyelash)is inserted into the hair folicle where a short burst of energy is targetedat the root of the hair. This burst of energy prevents nutrients feeding the folicle and the new hair growth becomes weaker and finer.

Is Electrolysis Safe?

Electrolysis was first documented by a doctor in 1875 and is proven effective, permanent and totally safe when performed correctly. Ask to see the therapist’s Electrolysis certificates if you feel unsure in any way. Modern technology has meant electrolysis has become gentler, more comfortable and even more effective. It’s an affordable modern treatment increasingly popular today.

What will happen during the first appointment?

You will have a consultation to ensure if treatment is suitable for youand which method is best. You will have a chance to ask questions about the treatment and to experience a “taster” session, plus your treatment plan will be discussed.

What about Hygiene?

Sterex single use, disposable probes are used to totally eliminate any risk of cross infection. For each client a brand new sterile probe is used and you will usually see the individually packed sterile probe being opened in front of you.

How much do the treatments cost?

Treatment sessions are normally charged in multiples of 15 minutes. Electrolysis is progressively permanent which means you come frequently to start with then the treatments become more spread out until you are coming only 2 or 3 times a year, after which treatment is said to be finished.

If you haven’t tried electrolysis before – try it – you won’t be disappointed!



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