Introducing the CACI ULTIMATE, as seen on 10 years younger

Ultimate Air

What is Ultimate Air?
Ultimate Air is a new system from St. Tropez designed to evenly spray you with atomised bronzing solution. Application is quick, easy and enables a flawless St. Tropez tan to be achieved in just minutes.

This specially formulated UV Free treatment features a spray application in only 15 minutes for a full body tan. Perfect for a busy schedule or a lunch hour treat.

The tan is applied via a special spray tanning system. A trained St.Tropez professional sprays a fine mist of Bronzing solution over your body resulting in an even, streakless, natural looking tan. One application will give the skin a healthy looking glow but if a deeper colour is required a 2nd application can be applied.

Exfoliate,Wax or Shave 24 hours prior to appointment. Do not apply any deoderant or perfume or any other make up on day of appointment.

Also see the tanning tips for more information on how to maximise the duration of the tan.

  • Full body treatment application time: 15mins