Introducing the CACI ULTIMATE, as seen on 10 years younger

Solar Defence System

 Sunlight is without a doubt your skin's worst enemy, bombarding it on a daily basis with the UVA and UVB rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer.

Dermalogica’s Solar Defense System offers the choice of two sunscreen technologies: chemical-based formulations that protect against UV rays by absorbing them, and a physical sunscreen that actually reflects damaging rays.
  • after sun repair
  • oil free matte block spf20
  • super sensitive faceblock spf30
  • extra rich faceblock spf30
  • ultra sensitive faceblock spf25
  • solar defense booster spf30
  • multivitamin body block spf20
  • waterblock solar spray spf30
  • waterproof solar spray spf25
  • full spectrum wipes spf15
  • solar shield spf15
  • full spectrum block spf15