Introducing the CACI ULTIMATE, as seen on 10 years younger

Face Mapping

Targeted skin care for unsurpassed results. Let us put your face on the map! Developed by The International Dermal Institute, Face Mapping takes skin analysis one step further.

Did you know that your health is written all over your face? Chinese Diagnosis, one of the philosophies behind Face Mapping, is based on the belief that the skin provides an outside view into the body's internal health. Of course, we've known all along that, if you're not well, your skin suffers, now your skin therapist can provide an even deeper view, delving into the 'why' behind your skin concerns.

The first, and most important, step in any skin treatment is the analysis of your skin, which helps your skin therapist design a skin treatment that's completely personalised to your unique needs.

Not only does this new method of analysis provide a much more accurate diagnosis of your skin concerns, it can actually help to detect them before they surface. Even better, you'll now leave your skin care treatment with your personalised Face Map that will show you where problems were found and what products to use on those specific zones. This way, you're only applying products to the parts of the face that need them, making your regime both more results orientated and cost efficient.

If it's the first time you've used Dermalogica and you haven't yet been face mapped at BiEN BEAUTY, please Call to arrange your consultation which will enable our therapist to recommend an appropriate skin care regime.