Introducing the CACI ULTIMATE, as seen on 10 years younger

BiEN BEAUTY is an authorised stockist of Dermalogica products. for information on the product range visit the links on this page.


  • anti-bac skin wash 250ml
  • anti-bac skin wash 500ml
  • precleanse 150ml
  • dermal clay cleanser 250ml
  • dermal clay cleanser 500ml
  • special cleansing gel 250ml
  • special cleansing gel 500ml
  • essential cleansing solution 250ml
  • essential cleansing solution 500ml
  • ultracalming cleanser for face and eyes 250ml
  • ultracalming cleanser for face and eyes 500ml
  • the bar 142g
  • the face brush Each
  • the sponge cloth Each


  • daily resurfacer 35 Doses
  • multi-active toner 250ml
  • soothing protection spray 250ml
  • skin purifying wipes 20 Wipes
  • gentle cream exfoliant 74ml
  • skin prep scrub 74ml
  • daily microfoliant® 75g


  • power rich 50ml
  • oil control lotion 59ml
  • oil control lotion 118ml
  • active moist 50ml
  • active moist 100ml
  • skin smoothing cream 50ml
  • skin smoothing cream 100ml
  • sheer moisture spf15 40ml
  • sheer tint moisture spf15 Light 40ml
  • sheer tint moisture spf15 Medium 40ml
  • sheer tint moisture spf15 Dark 40ml
  • intensive moisture balance 50ml
  • intensive moisture balance 100ml
  • super rich repair 50g
  • barrier repair 30ml
  • sheer tint redness relief spf15 40ml


  • skin hydrating masque 75ml
  • skin refining masque 75ml
  • anti-bac cooling masque 75ml
  • intensive moisture masque 75ml
  • multivitamin power recovery® masque 75ml


  • skin hydrating booster 30ml
  • gentle soothing booster 30ml
  • extra firming booster 30ml
  • special clearing booster 30ml
  • skin renewal booster 30ml


  • multivitamin power concentrate 45 Capsules
  • multivitamin power firm 15ml
  • medicated clearing gel 50ml
  • climate control 22ml
  • soothing eye make-up remover 118ml
  • total eye care spf15 15ml
  • intensive eye repair 15ml
  • skin brightening system Each
  • day bright™ spf15 30ml
  • night bright™ 22ml


  • treatment foundation 1 40ml
  • treatment foundation 2 40ml
  • treatment foundation 3 40ml
  • treatment foundation 4 40ml
  • treatment foundation 5 40ml
  • treatment foundation 1G 40ml
  • treatment foundation 2G 40ml
  • treatment foundation 3G 40ml


  • after sun repair 100ml
  • oil free matte block spf20 50ml
  • super sensitive faceblock spf30 50ml
  • extra rich faceblock spf30 50ml
  • ultra sensitive faceblock spf25 50ml
  • solar defense booster spf30 30ml
  • solar defense booster spf30 50ml
  • multivitamin body block spf20 125ml
  • waterblock solar spray spf30 125ml
  • waterproof solar spray spf25 118ml
  • full spectrum wipes spf15 Pouch(15)
  • solar shield spf15 8g
  • full spectrum block spf15 118ml


  • conditioning body wash 473ml
  • exfoliating body scrub 170g
  • hydro-active mineral salts 28g
  • hydro-active mineral salts 284g
  • body hydrating cream 473ml
  • ultrarich body cream 473ml
  • stress relief treatment oil 100ml
  • the ultimate buffing cloth Each


  • environmental control deodorant 64g
  • shine therapy shampoo 237ml
  • silk finish conditioner 237ml
  • professional shave 30ml
  • multivitamin hand and nail treatment 22ml
  • multivitamin hand and nail treatment 74ml


  • skin kit for men Each
  • acne prone skin kit Each
  • oily skin kit Each
  • normal/oily skin kit Each
  • normal/dry skin kit Each
  • dry skin kit Each
  • sensitized skin kit Each
  • spa body therapy kit Each