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Thorough cleansing is the most
critical step in both a successful
professional treatment and at-home
regimen. In fact, as the largest
organ of elimination, proper
cleansing of the skin is vital not
only for its immediate skin care
benefits, but its overall role in the
maintenance of whole-body health.

The Dermalogica Double Cleanse is the two-part cleansing routine that begins with PreCleanse and finishes with the recommended Dermalogica Cleanser. The Double Cleanse is a vital part of the professional skin treatment and the client’s daily at-home regimen, as it will ensure the healthiest, cleanest skin ever.

All Dermalogica Cleansers are soap-free and acid-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

  • precleanse
  • anti-bac skin wash
  • dermal clay cleanser
  • special cleansing gel
  • essential cleansing solution
  • ultracalming cleanser
  • the bar
  • the sponge cloth
  • the face brush


skin condition: all

Get ready for your cleanest skin ever! This lightweight cleansing oil gently liquefies sebum (oil) and oil-based debris (such as longlasting make-up, sunscreen and environmental pollutants), readying them for quick removal with the addition of water. Ideal for all skin conditions, especially oily skin conditions, PreCleanse is the vital first step of the two part Dermalogica Double Cleanse.

anti-bac skin wash

skin condition: skin prone to breakouts

Banish problem skin with this antibacterial, purifying blend of Triclosan and Salicylic Acid, plus exclusive Skin Response Complex to calm irritation and help promote healing.

dermal clay cleanser

skin condition: skin with excess oil production

Super-absorbent Kaolin and Green clays wick away excess oil and impurities to deep-cleanse the skin and refine its texture. Exhilarating natural astringent extracts of Menthol and Watercress help to control excess oil.

special cleansing gel

skin condition: all

This soap-free botanical blend of Quillaja Saponaria and calming Lavender foams away impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry, while super-soothing Balm Mint helps calm sensitivity.

essential cleansing solution

skin condition: drier or prematurely-aging skin

Now you can nourish dry skin while cleansing away impurities. Moisturizing Safflower Oil, combined with stimulating Hops and Rosemary, condition skin while vitamins C and E smooth dry skin to softness.

ultracalming cleanser for face and eyes

skin condition: environmentally-sensitized

Extra-gentle cleansing, healing and protection for skin aggravated by environmental influences such as pollution, harsh climate, stress, hormonal changes or cosmetic allergies. Exclusive Anti-Ozonate Complex helps guard against future inflammation while soothing Raspberry and Cucumber extracts calm skin. So gentle
it can even be tissued off without water, or removed with The Sponge Cloth.

the bar

skin condition: all

Completely soap-free, this gentle cleansing bar thoroughly removes impurities without compromising the skin’s natural moisture barrier. A calming blend of Colloidal Oatmeal, Licorice Extract, Allantoin, plus vitamins A, C and E help calm, soothe and condition the skin.

the face brush

skin condition: all

Supercharge your Dermalogica Cleanser with this ultra-soft brush! Durable, hygienic nylon bristles gently loosen dead skin cells and debris for professional cleansing results. It’s also an ingrown-hairpreventing
must for men.

the sponge cloth

skin condition: all

A super-soft cleansing cloth, gentle enough for even the most sensitized skin. Use dampened with warm water to remove all Dermalogica Cleansers.