Introducing the CACI ULTIMATE, as seen on 10 years younger

The award winning CACI micro current system is the most publicised salon treatment system available. The marketing campaign for CACI has been so successful that CACI is now virtually a household name. CACI is synonymous with the Non-Surgical Face lifts and Body sculpting and has a vast array of celebrity devotees as well as being featured on 10 YEARS YOUNGER.

All CACI treatments are completely safe, painless, and can be wonderfully relaxing. The micro current technology that is used started out in the medical field and now has more than 20 yearsof medical research behind it. Micro current technology works by re-educating, toning and firming muscles whilst softening fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin with a wonderful glow and a firmer more supple appearance.

BiEN BEAUTY now offer a range of treatments from the CACI International system. Including the NEW CACI ULTIMATE and HYDRATONE the most advanced hi tech non surgical treatments, FUTUR-TEC, the skin regenerator system and QUANTUM non surgical face and boby scuptling.

For the best results from any of the treatments provided we recommend following the guidance of CACI International. Treatments should be taken as a course of 10-15 treatments. Some clients will need more some less; this will depend on the clients skin tissue and their muscle tone - it does not depend on a clients age!. another course isn't required provided you return for a booster / maintenance treatment on average once a month to maintain the results long term.

So whatever your treatment area of concern, BiEN BEAUTY has the CACI solution for you. Contact us for a FREE consultation and half face treatment today.